Product Description

Provides the user with a complete Machine Guarding Compliance Program. The program provides users with the necessary elements needed to comply with 29CFR1910.212-217. Included are a comprehensive editable written Machine Guarding compliance program, complete Machine Guarding training program and numerous useful forms. You control the program content by editing the provided training and written program materials. CD ROM, Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint®. THE FOLLOWING ARE INCLUDED: TC-121 - Machine Guarding Course for Employees and Maintenance Workers ---- CW-113 - Machine Guarding Written Program ---- Form - Machine Guarding Assessment ---- Form - Machine Installation Safety Assessment ---- STANDARD FORMS INCLUDED WITH ALL PROGRAMS: Employee Training Record ---- How to Write a Standard Practice Instruction ---- Instructor Evaluation Form (Safety Meetings) ---- New Employee Training Requirements and Dates ---- New Employee Training, Supervisor Recommendations ---- Record - Employee Review (light duty/return to work) ---- Safe Work Guidelines for Employees ---- Safety Policy Template ---- Safety Program Development Forecast ---- Safety Program Feedback Form for Employees ---- Safety Program Points of Contact ---- Safety Program Points of Contact (training) ---- Synopsis of Training ---- Training Acknowledgment Sheet ---- Training Attendance Roster ---- Written Procedure Distribution ---- Written Procedure Review ---- Written Program Approval Sheet

Product Details

  • Brand: Compliware Safety Products
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Dimensions: 8.00" h x 1.00" w x 5.00" l, 1.00 pounds


  • Corporate Facility Machine Guarding Safety Training Management and OSHA Compliance Software - 29CFR1910.141-144
  • Primary Pre-Written ready to edit policies needed to establish a standardized safety program.
  • Primary Corporate Training Programs and Written Programs needed by most companies to manage the program.
  • Primary Safety Forms associated with each program.
  • Pre-Written - Ready-to-edit for fast site-specific compliance.