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"Are these real diamonds?" I once asked, and she said, "Why have them if they're not?" ?Elizabeth Berg

The diamond is a perfect expression of you; reflecting rarity, brilliance and breathtaking fire of a gem which survived a journey of billions of years. Symbol of devotion, honor and strength, the elegance of a diamond makes it perfect for life's important occasions. You're not just buying diamonds; you're buying confidence. These diamonds are conflict free and in compliance with the Kimberly Code of Conduct.

Sterling silver is reflective and mirrors the soul, it is said it brings calm and balance to the wearer. Shaman believe silver gives the wearer use of the moon energy offering protection from negativity and evil and offers a deep respect for Mother Earth. Sterling silver is known as the metal of emotions, love and healing. Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Copper is silver's best companion since it improves the hardness and durability of silver, yet allows the silver to retain its beautiful color.

The rising price of diamonds and Sterling Silver makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.

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Made to Order Especially for You, Ships in Approx. 5 days; Proudly Made in America

Product Details

  • Brand: The Men's Jewelry Store (for HER)
  • Model: STER Purple Cord


  • Gleaming Diamond Adorned Pendant is Crafted in Polished Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Measures 36.00 Millimeters Tall x 36.50 Millimeters Wide 1.42 Inches High by 1.44 Inches Wide
  • Suspended from a Sterling Silver 1.10 Millimeter, 18.00 Inch Satin Cord
  • Conflict Free Diamonds in Compliance with Kimberly Code of Conduct
  • Made to Order Especially for You, Ships in Approx. 5 Days; Proudly Made in America