Proposing to your girlfriend isn’t that difficult, people. No need to set up some uber-expensive romantic get-a-way to some Caribbean Island, coordinated effort involving a bunch of cute kids holding up letters that form a “Will you marry me?” message, or, heaven-forbid: propose on a jumbotron during a game somewhere from seats in the fourth deck!!!!!!

capitals fire

Instead let’s learn how it’s done from this bro king and his real-life Love and Basketball moment:

Follow this simple four-step process to save yourself time, money, and embarrassment:

Step 1: Participate in a physical activity that you both genuinely enjoy

Capitals Fire

Step 2: The Wounded Duck (Pretend she just hurt you, inflict as much guilt on her as humanly possible)


Step 3: Sneak Attack (as her emotions are overflowing, go for the ring without giving it away)

Capitals Fire

Step 4: Pounce while she’s got her guard own, GO GET BUCKETS.

Capitals Fire

Step 5: Peer-Pressure (Do not give her any outs. She ain’t gonna say no when 25 of your closest/mutual friends are surrounding you and screaming: “YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Element of surprise + positive reinforcement + peer pressure = UNDEFEATED).

Capitals Fire

Job well done, sir.