Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins

Johnny Manziel attended the Byron Nelson Golf Classic in Irving, Texas this weekend. Though there are different accounts of what happened, he was involved in some sort of incident. TMZ says that Manziel got in a dispute with a “buddy”:

The eyewitness tells TMZ Sports, the guys were yelling at each other when Johnny threw a water bottle “really hard” at the guy, but missed. The eyewitness tells us, Johnny’s friend sarcastically screamed, “Nice throw, Johnny,” which apparently enraged the Cleveland Browns QB.  The eyewitness says Johnny charged his friend, but was stopped by someone in his group. Off duty cops who were working security came quickly, spoke with Johnny and his friend, and calmed the situation down. … We believe no arrests were made.

Manziel’s agent Erik Burkhardt would seem to have disputed this account; he told Mary Kay Cabot of that Manziel was “harassed” by a fan. Wouldn’t this imply that it was somebody random, and not one of his acquaintances?

This photo from social media shows Manziel talking to police:

Early this morning, Colin Cowherd tweeted that a story would be coming out about Manziel at the golf tournament. As of now, it doesn’t seem like any of this is too serious, except for that it’s compounded on Manziel’s overall body of work, and never being able to lay low. If this happened with almost anybody else, it wouldn’t be a story. With Manziel, though, it’s worth monitoring to see if any more information comes out.

UPDATE: Mary Kay Cabot passes along a statement from an Irving police spokesperson:

Details: Irving police spokesman told a fan harassed Johnny manziel at hotel pool. Refused to stop…. Manziel threw a water bottle at the man, an 18-year-old. Things escalated. Hotel security intervened, then police also intervened… Police did not detect that Manziel had been drinking. Fan decided not to press charges. No charges filed.

There still may more to come.